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We can quickly develop crystal growing technologies and equipment for their implementation.
Our crystals are of the utmost quality and new properties.
Our technology is universal for a wide range of crystals.
Our reactors are energy-saving.
Initially, we fully study and model the process of crystal growth. Further, we adapt the growth equipment for a specific crystal. We use reactors with automatic crystal diameter control and self-learning software with elements of artificial intelligence. Extensive engineering and scientific experience allows us to develop new technologies for crystal growth within 2-3 months. This allows you to quickly respond to market requirements.

We can produce growth reactors with the technology of the necessary crystals, or we  can create full-cycle crystal factories, including processing and certification, or just produce crystals.
What We Do


We have new technology for the growth of superfine crystals and unique equipment for its implementation
Our technology is universal for a wide range of crystals
Our crystals are of the utmost purity
Our prices are  competitive
We are ready to transfer technology
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